Why many time people avoid Social Media?

Why many time people avoid Social Media?

Many times people avoid social media use. Let's look at it.

Human Nature - Human being is a social animal. The man who worked for 21 days was a habit to do the work. But doing the same thing again, you get tired. And for a few days you enjoy the holiday.

People are social media. In those times people social media avoid for some days. That means uninstall.

Social  media  advertise

Suppose you are watching a movie, and you are angry when someone has disturbed you while watching a movie. Similarly, when you are active on social media advertise pop-up, sometimes you are out of the app.

Personal problem There are many problems in your life. personal, professional family etc. From such a problem you try to stay away. You have got used to sharing image on social media. But your personal problem lets you avoid social media. I have not shared any post in my personal problem for a year.

Maturity group – In young generation  is a group that does not use social media. Or use less quantities. Because such children do not like to share their social life. They are very sensitive about your personal life. So they ignore social media

Protective People - Many people do not show their personal information. data leak, for this reason many people avoid social media.

less communication Continuous chat on social media reduces one to one communication.

Social Media language - The sign is used when chatting with someone on this social media. #, @ These symbols are used. These symbols are used when you communicate in real life also.

Mind Stress - the ability to think less. Because it does not sleep at night. Water comes from the eye. Does not sleep. neck problem, increase body fat.

Neglect and concentration on the job is reduced. And there is more stress on the mind.

How to use social media best way?

 If you use social media properly, you will benefit very well in life.

1)  Connect to world - Using social media, you understand what developments are taking place in the world. And you stay connected to the world.

2)  Many things go hand in hand in everyday life. And the obstacles in your work are resolved with the help of social media.

Through business - social media you can perfectly market your business. social media is the main source of organic reach. Social media play important roll in SEO.

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