Why people search direct on "Amazon app" ? Not on "Google"

Why is "amazon" searching result faster than "Google" ?

Hello friends Today digital marketing is a simple and cost-effective way to market your business. And it is not taking advantage of too many people from India. In America today, more businesses than digital are investing more money on digital marketing. People are benefiting greatly from it. And in the future it will also be of great benefit.

Different internet platforms are available for digital marketing. Use it very well. In  search engine   different platform are available(Google,Baidu,Being,Yahoo etc.).Even social media platform are available (Linkdin, Facebook, Twitter,Quora, Tumblr, etc. ) and E-commerce platform.But top platform where people are marketing our business,this platform are Google,and amazon. This two platform are very popular for online business advertise. Peoples are more reach this two platform. so business investor are invest in this two platform for advertise. last year's "Google" is top rank in  digital advertise .but after 2019 people are most visited on amazon app and search the product on amazon platform directly. Therefor people are less visited "Google" search engine. That's why now Google is 2nd position in digital marketing advertise
     Digital marketing industry rapidly  growing in India .India is largest market in world after china .Therefore many big companies are invested in India.Last year year “Walmart”company acquire   “Flipkart” company.Walmart company want to come offline market but it’s not possible that's why Walmart company acquire "Flipkart".After “amazon” company “Flipkart”is second largest e- commerce website in India.

What is “Amazon” company  plan for India in future?

E-commerce company are very popular in “India” so amazon trying to digital marketer will work there own platform means amazon website,so in future require any search  engine do SEO,SEM etc.This all service will provide own platform.

What is Different between Amazon  and Google?

Amazon - It is a e-commerce website where people are buy and sell the product.all types of product are available.”Amazon” provide good quality of product for their client.Except online business amazon provide different service for their client.People are aware “Amazon” is e-commerce business platform.

Google  - It is a search engine platform where people are search anything.Except “Google” provide many service.But people are aware “Google” is search engine platform.

Do you know Google 70% to 80% revenue come from search engine advertise.Let us see how they do?

Why is "amazon" searching result faster than "Google" ?

Let see example.

How “Google  take money from “Amazon” ?

1)When any user search on google (Amazon.in or Amazon.in) that time search ranking according display different type of link.

2)In above picture first two link are generated
 Suppose any user click on first link then “Amazon” pay money to “Google”
And when any user click on on second link that time amazon not pay money to Google.

3)This process are do in google advertise. That way Google generate high revenue from other users and all types of business.

But since 2018 and future user are directly search on amazon app. And day by day amazon and other e-commerce users are increasing rapidly.This user directly search in e-commerce application.Therefor google revenue decreases in this year.And now  “Amazon” revenue growing faster  than”Google”.

Conclusion -Digital marketing is growing rapidly. Today people are not looking to buy any product on Google. They download the app from any e-commerce website and they wait for notifications. (Sales, coupons, offers, etc.). Therefore, the e-commerce platform is growing rapidly.