Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

What is Quora?

Quora is the answer search engine wbsite. Quora website Provides information in a different field easily.

Quora meaning is a question and answer.

how Quora is different from Google.

When you search Quora on Google, you will have to use Quora search engine.

How Quora function work ?

Quora is mainly asked a question. And the answer of that question is written by each person in his personal leverage. Reader up vote the question. According to up vote, the question answers rank. You can ask yourself a question and suggest others to answer it.

If you want to talk differently, Google is a big sea. And Quora is the whale fish in it.without water whale fish will die.

How Quora easy to use then Google ?

Quora is a question - answer website, so when you do a question search on Google, you will go to the rank wise website, click on one of the websites and read the articles in it. But in Quora you can get answer in one click after searching the question. without pop up and advertise are ranked in Google's keyword wise article. So keyword wise Google will show you the search result. The question answer in Quora is ranked according to Up vote.

Quora website's pain point lets you easily find information on any topic. one click, no pop-up advertise, smoothly use, this is a strong point of Quora. Quora's advertise is written in these words. It does not contain image, video included. So people do not have much trouble advertise. The Quora website does not seem to be flustered  while doing that.

How college student  use Quora ?

If kids have seen the question  or a topic, then search on Google and display the keyword rank wise search result. The search results are made by Rank website user can find answers by clicking here.

But finding the information and question answer in Quora website results in a click. Rank number is determined by the Up vote of the question.

Why Quora use?

1) Analytic your result - How many people have your answer reach? They understand you. The result can be done by daily analysis.

2)Hidden Talent - No group can be created in Quora. As a result, you answer yes. It's a talent show for writing a man's content. The answer to a question is given by the whole point of view. Follow the person who answers the person who loves people. Increasing followers increases the person's enthusiasm. And it provides quality content. This makes the general person very popular. Quora has come to public many hidden talents.

3)Not time pass - Quora platform people can not be time pass If any person responds incorrectly, the other person will answer wrong in the answer and get the right answer. Therefore, the answer must be serious when writing the answer. If the question does not match the answer then Quora indicates it and down vote that answer.

4)Quora Algorithm - after you answer, the up vote has ranked the answer. The more content you provide, the more you benefit.
generate  traffic  on  website

Quora through, you can generate traffic well.

Step by step  follow -

Step 1 - After opening the account, first 10-15 questions you write complete in Quora.

Step 2 - After the increase of your followers and the users' trust comes to you. They understand that you are writing good content. They will read your article.

Step 3 - After the followers are trusted, then you write a half-answer in Quora and read half of the answer further (blog link). This way, users will visit your website. In this way you can generate traffic by Quora.

Product and benefits - Many questions people ask about your company's product and service. You can write information about your product or service by making Quora Account.

Personally communicate with people - You were personally connected with the people. One to one is the interaction. Questions can be suggested to people interested in your field.

Quora Alexa rank.

Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

Quora similar web Rank

Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

Quora has made a big profit in business. The e-business website has generated a large number of traffic.
Quora is going to give you results on how you use the website.


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