Traditional Marketing is work for small business?

Traditional Marketing is work for small business?

Traditional marketing industry is an old method. Even though the old methods do not work for the people, they believe in it.

In the digital marketing industry in India, it has come a few years ago. Many people still do not know what is digital marketing?

How can social media be used to grow your business? This is not to know people. Many people were hard to believe in digital marketing.

Public relation - Public relation is very important to make business growth. virtual communication has a lot of work to win over you. And it takes a very long time. They have some process. If you are practically communicating with people in practically communication He tells benefit of his product and service. Provide information of the product. The front guy trusts you. He does not take much time.

Stress - In this industry, mental stress is low. The travelling is high. holding boards, template etc. They are manually submitted when ready.

How to joined traditional marketing with Digital marketing?

How do many people apply traditional marketing and digital marketing to their business?

Step 1 - Register your domain name first at any business startup. Then create the website. If you are not prepared to do so, then by freelancer, make a website.

Step 2 - Add content after the website is ready. Your service, product discription contact information etc. Add to it.

 Step 3 - Promote business on social media. First create your Facebook business page.

Step 4 - After creating a business page on feacebook, write a blog post, small video image etc. Share on Facebook Business page.

digital marketing factor - This industry is growing very fast in India. Today many new startups are coming up. They are going to be easy to market at low cost and easy way. Marketing is required if you want to start a business. And traditional marketing is very costly.


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