Why Snapchat can defeat Facebook in the future?

Why Snapchat can defeat Facebook in the future?

Friends,' Mark Zuckerberg'who is known as the King of Social Media, is a founder of' Facebook'. 'Facebook' is the Social Website, people use it all from young people.' Facebook' kids can be tracked to you today. And 'Facebook' knows what a customer is right for your product. That's why your advertising reaches the right person. That's why Facebook needs time. In today's digital marketing, 'Goggle' and 'Facebook' are the two leading social media websites.

You'll realize today that 10/9 people use this 'Facebook'. The new generation, who are young to college, does not use 'Facebook' because their mother and father are used by 'Facebook' .Your parents should not pay attention to us because that is where your son is, and after seeing his photo, Young people going to college do not use 'Facebook'. So, today's young generation will become our customers in the future. So their social media platform might be changed. And you have to advertise on their platform .Therefore, we have to change over time.

Friend 'Snapchat' is new and people of these generation use this 'Snapchat' application.. The 'Instagram 'is also used by everyone today. Today many mothers and fathers are on 'Instagram'. I am telling you the story of five to six years, not two and three years.

Today 's young generation' s mother and father are also learning that they are connected to social media .If this question is taken by 'Snapchat', then this application is not very famous in India. Kids love privacy. The 'Snapchat' is not known to the person 30 to 50 years old. So the younger generation is using this Snapchat, so that 'Snapchat' will be very popular in the coming days. But nothing can be said because a new platform can be created in the future. And it's great if 'Facebook' came up with some new platforms.

Plenty of platforms will be built in the future and will come to an end. You should keep changing over time, otherwise if you do not make any changes over time, then we will stay behind and your competitors will go ahead.

Conclusion - You should always be alert when doing business and marketing in digital marketing .It is good to emphasize one thing but to learn other things. And we must always analysis what is going on in the world and what's new.

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