Do you think social media affecting the movie business yes or no ?

Do you think social media affecting the movie business yes or no ?

Social media can see what's going on in the world today. Virtually communicating  between the people. This social media has a lot of impact on some things. One of the most loved ones is the movie. Social media has a lot of advantages and disadvantages to the movie.

First let's understand how movie can benefit from the social media.

There are a lot of followers on social media of the actors. His film was a huge promotion. And also understand which movie will be release on which day of your favorite actor? You get the information that the actors are working on the next project.

"You tube" is an important  for movie promotion. The movie trailer, teaser is released on "you tube" And you can do two way communication. Understand that people's response is good or bad.
There are millions of followers of you tube creators today. So many film actors come to the "you tube" platform to promote the movie.

The movie gets popularity, but the damage to the other side movie is also very large. And it's affecting the movie's business. Many movie reviews are done through "Youtube". And these are youtubers have a lot of followers. People who have no understanding about the movie, review them on "Youtube".And when movie review comes negative, its followers will not even go to watch the movie.

Many people check out review on  websites like "Youtube", "Rotten Tomatoes", and "bookmyshow".And if film is good, then audience goes to watching movie. Otherwise, 30 to 35% of audience will not be watching the movie

Audience mind change - Many people are changing their mind by giving multiple paid reviews, movie collection, rating. And this is done by social media , You go to watch a movie but your time and money are west.

Content is very important in digital marketing, as well as content is very important in the movie.
Many low budget films have done a great  business. Because their content was good. It is social media's responsibility to deliver content. Social media is reaching people with low budget  and quality content movie.

before popular social media ,many flop movies also did good business. Today, after film release, you immediately understand, that movie is hit and flop.

Article final result - friends movie is a mirror of society. Films work to give good message to the community. It's a good thing to spend 3 hours on that movie, but some movies are entertainment. He was entailment.

So, what is a good movie and which is a flop, you know from social media. But do not go to watch movie by watching any video on the Internet. Watch the movie review of the Trusted website.

Comment on what you think about the effect of social media movie on business.

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