Do you think Linkdin profile change your personal website CV?

Linkdin profile change personal website CV ?

Digital marketing has changed many things. And things will change in the future. So you have to be careful now. If there is no such problem, then there will be a lot of problems. One thing is Linkdin. Will Linkdin profile replace your CV in the future?

What is Linkdin?

Linkdin is a social website site like Facebook. But it's different from Facebook.

Let's see how it's different. ?

Content is shared on Linkdin. Find jobs are done. groups, and connections are grown.

Linkdin's profile is your cv. See why?

Your professional account is created on basiclly linkdin. You live in connection with the peoples  in your field. Your work baground What have you accomplished in a professional career? What skills do you have? etc. Your Linkdin profile contains.

Digital marketing has changed many things today. Today the software and mobile application have taken place for many manual operators. Work has become increasingly easy due to the growth of internet. You are virtually working.

Many places ask Linkdin profile when the interview goes on. Similarly if you have seen funding for startup, then you are asked to send Llinkdin profile.

What kind of content is shared on linkdin?
linkdin blog, article, office related post, corporate update, information video are shared.

Why Linkdin connection is important?
It is very important to grow connection on linkdin profile. Because connection to linkdin increases your profile profile.

You can get information by sending personal messages to people who have connections. Many groups can communicate with them as they communicate and connect. You can find out the company that you want to work with by connecting to hr or linkdin job related post. So it is very important to grow connection.

Note - You can message with the same link as long as you have a connection.

How to grow Linkdin connection?

It is important to increase your connection and give recommendation to others. You can come to the first place in the Linkdin search.

You must send 10 connections per day. The connection you have sent will see your profile and connect with you.

note - Linkdin account is required to complete the profile. Because people will first see your profile and connect with you.

The professional headline - professional headline is your profile's opening statement. Because your opening statement on profile is first show.

Educational Information - You can write a section on Linkdin. And can extend the reach of the profile.

Content share - you blog, image, video, corporate update share etc. Can share.

note -  only professional information share on Linkdin. not share share Facebook and  Instagram like  content.

Advantage of Linkdin.

- Promote your professional life .
- Finding job easily.
- B2B business.
- Share valuable content.
- Corporate update.

Final output - Now you know, linkdin Profile is very important. You need to join a new job and then connect on linkdin by creating profile. Linkdin has become very easy to get a job. And sometimes a job is offered to you. Similarly linkdin use has grown in B2B business.

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