How to start digital marketing beginner free?

How to start digital marketing beginner free?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the most popular field in the marketing industry.

Marketing your brand and service to social media, search engine, and any digital platform on electronic device eg. mobile, laptop, computer.

You must learn the digital marketing field ?

This is a good question. This industry is growing very large in India. Especially after JIO has been a boom of scale too much. 2016-17-18 and the coming year is the digital marketing industry.

In this industry you can work as freelancing. And you can earn money sitting at home. Today, life cannot be enjoyed at the salary of a salaried farm. If you sit at home and do hard work, you can earn a lot of money. If you want to come to this field then you need to be hardworking and patient.

Start your own business. If you do not want to work, you can call your own SEO agency, email marketing company, social media handle etc. You can start business yourself in.
Business requires less capital in this field. laptop and Internet connection, and a good team build, no one will stop you from being successful in this industry.

In this field, they are automatically done on individual business virtual platform. No lingual procedure is required. You should be patient, hardwork and time management and good team leader Is needed.

How to learn free?

Do not do direct course join as fresher if you want to do a career in this field. This point is very important. Because if you go to learn without knowing anything then you will not understand anything in this field.

step 1

This question first considers yourself. Find the answer to this question.

What is digital marketing?

What is this industry's future?

What do I want to learn in this industry?

What better way can a business in this field?

How do I earn money in this field?

Note: You have to find the answers to the above question. You will get the answer of some question after the next step.

step 2

The biggest mistake you make is watching videos on Youtube. This is very wrong. You will learn a little bit about the information in this field by watching video on you tube.

So, the field below is given the same list as the blog.   for social media marketing basic   for SEO      famous for blogging tips

step 3

Watch the video on tube after the two step is done.
Watch videos with only a few videos on Youtube.
Its list is as follows.

"Sorav Jain channel " for basic digital marketing information easily explain  available in english and hindi.

"Harsh Agrwal "channel  .

"Neil Patel" channel for  digital marketing tips.

step 4

The next step is very important after 3 steps follow. In this step you have to work hard. Now you have a digital marketing field related knowledge, you are familiar with the field.
Apply internship to a small agency or institute. And give your best performance when giving an interview.

The following questions will be asked to the interview.

Introduce your self

What is SEO?

What is lead generation?

What is Inbound and Outbound marketing?

 Above question answer explain below link.
I am digital marketer,Do I know all this thing?

Tell me world famous digital marketer name?

What think do you like in digital marketing?

step 5

The experience comes after the internship. And you understand how they work in that field and what they need to do. And you can apply to the job. If all this requires a paid digital marketing course then do it. If you want to open a job and institute, then pay a certified course.

You can also do your own business.
If you want to start business then you have to start from blogging. Content is very important when blogging. Create one of your "social image".
Solve the problems of the people. Make a follower gain by creating a profile on social media.

Online digital marketing certified course provide service.

the marketing nerdz.

You can do job after course certification. Having a job creates your network. The market needs you to understand. What is the problem facing the customer? Market strategy, new marketing tools are introduced. You can then provide service to the people by creating a digital marketing agency.

Why people hate digital marketing?

It is a misunderstanding for people that social media is time consuming. Your content is very important in social media. If your content is good, then you get popular immediately on social media. There are many tools available for social media post schedules.

Click on the link below. Explain this point.

Miss understanding of social media.

What social media offer you?

wordwide reach.

lead generation.

target customer base advetisement.

support your customer.

communication with your customer.

low cost prise.

create you strategy.

In digital marketing, company focus on this point

How to start digital marketing beginner free?

Final result.

You now understand that you should know the field when doing a career in any field. How you can get acquainted with that field. And what new things can learn. It is very important to learn more than learning from the institute in digital marketing.  If you experiment yourself you will get experience and it is not necessary to be certified while working in digital marketing. The one who has patience, hard work, time management, social, can do a career in this field.

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