2019 digital marketing trends, don't miss to read 8 and 9 point.

2019 digital marketing trends, don't miss to read 8 and 9 point.

Hello friends digital marketing trends They are changing every year. So each year requires a different strategy.

Now 2018 has come to an end this year. So, after reviewing the 2018 year, the next trends of 2019 will be as follows.


My own personal opinion is that chatbots will not run much longer. But that was wrong. chatbot is an AI system. When you visit websites or virtual products, a message client is sent with the help of AI system.Chatbots answer the question of the people's question. So people no longer need it, now the chatbots have taken place. In the bank process, chatbots are also used. chatbot will save 8 billion in business in future. In the future, chatbots are going to be an important source.

2. Audio search.

If the family has a question or information, then they ask google or alexa. When you optimize the website. When that voice search also optimize it. It will benefit you a lot. In 2018 the voice share has increased by 40%.

Pro tip - You can use long term keyword to search the audio. Because customers use longterm keywords to search the voice. As long as seo, possibly longterm keyword try to rank it.

3. Video marketing.

Digital marketing is very important in video marketing. And video marketing is going to be number one. In the coming two years 82% will come to the public on the video platform.
Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine channel in the world. Normally one person watches 10-15 video at the same time on youtube.

video marketing, you are engaged with the customer and you can explain everything practically. And video marketing immediately meets organic reach. But it takes lots of effort .Your content should be useful.

Pro tips - live video is the best way to video marketing.

Two things are important in live video: first thing is content strategy and secondly two to three hours on live strem social media. And to answer questions. And remember the queries
customer testimonial means you can create a video in short by sharing it in social media.

eg. A famous polytics in come your shop, film star etc. If you want to get product information video from him and share it on video social media, you will get organic reach from your product.

4. Whatsapp business.

Whatsapp business has created new space in the market. Personal interaction: Customers get attracted immediately. daily 5 billion people message on whatsapp gets sent to the day. whatsapp business application The number of users is more in local business (hotel, shop, consultancy etc.) . And people are benefit greatly from it.tvf, make my trip etc. company is using whatsapp business.

5. Instagram.

2018 This was instagram. The young generation are on large scale instagram. The popularity of instagram is increasing.

There were 150 million users on Instagram in 2017. In 2018 it has been 500 million. It will be 1 billion in next 2 years. There are monthly 700 million active users on Instagram.

Instagram story gives you a product demo, short info video, product story, your personal journey, etc. You can share.

6. Short video.

People are tired of watching a big video. Try creating a smaller video if it tells many creator to create a topic video. People do not have time to watch a large video. Take a question and create a small video on it. Its user will be of great benefit.
eg. Short tips about any product, benefit, disadvantage etc. If you want to give it, then create a small video.

7. Linkdin.

linkdin has done a lot of development. Linkdin corporate communication today has seen a huge increase in business growth and business marketing, corporate job finding and B2B marketing.

8. Zero content.

Many people are having money when they go to business So they pay advertise immediately after the business website is ready. It does not focus on content. When you do not try to increase the organic follower, you pay a rank on search engine by paying advertising. When the same damage is going to you There will be traffic on the website but if the bounce rate is high then it will be frustrated by your brand. After that you add any good content, users will not come to your website.

Warnig  - don't buy paid  subscribers for any social media.
                After creating website. trying to organic reach to people follow you, don;t do use early                        paid advertise.

9. Virtual reality. 

This is a great way to grow in digital marketing. In virtual reality, you can set virtual product to real mobile screen. It gives users a different experience. Users also get attracted to these things. One of them tells you the example.

2019 digital marketing trends, don't miss to read 8 and 9 point.

There is a big company named Ikea. This company offers home appliance items in retail. There are many branches in the world. He has created Ikea virtual application. In that he used the virtual reality concept. That's the application's 8. 5 million users have downloaded. In this way, if you do a strategy in your business then business will grow.