You need this for growing your business.

You need this for growing your business.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is very important to business. Email marketing is very important if you want to grow 90% of your business and want to lead conversion.

Email is private communication.It's about your professional work, so men do not give email to anyone as easily.

The effect of email on the specially target customer is more than that of Social media, Blog, "Youtube" video

Famous Digital marketer what talk about Email marketing?

You need this for growing your business.

You need to do the following to grow an email list.





Awareness- People do search on Google, read blog articles. You watch videos on "You tube".At that time .

people see your present in the digital platform. You see it on 15 to 20 sec digital platform. At this time, your brand and service's blog, video and social media post will remember it in your mind.And this gives us a lot of benefit. At this stage people are first time connected to your brand or service.And you can pay attention to the person by making a great blog and video by taking a lot of time to pay for advertising and increase your awareness on digital platform.

Interest - After introducing your brand and service, you are giving a service or product to peoples, they questions about your brand or service.To get their answers,they will come back to your social media,Blog,You tube channel.In this stage they will see article 4-5  video and they will follow and like on social media.Share your content.Thus interest of people is increasing in your product or service.

Decision - This step is very important.At this stage people ask you questions through comment and Inbox message. They will ask us questions and answer it. People will follow you on social media after completing this step. And if you come to your tube channel, you will subscribe.

Action - The user will give you an email when these 3 steps are completed. And after receiving the email,offer them important PDF course summary,Free demo lecture,Seminar,Webinar.They are called lead magnet is explain below. You want to send email 100-1000 times in one day,same message send in same time,you use email marketing tool.The customer is immediately engaged in emailing your product or service related information to the people.And all your email marketing service knows how many email users have reached and how much Spam has gone.

It is very important to keep an eye on certain things while taking an email marketing service.


What is the cost of taking equipment?

And how many mail do you want to send in one day?From this, decide its cost.Bulk message regular sends, check cost See a review of tools. Otherwise, take advice of the senior. If friend and colleagues are using an email marketing tool takes information from them.

If you do not get the above things, follow the steps below.

Free sign up after support 2-3 tool select.And what tool are you easy to use? And giving fast results. See this. And then take paid service of that tool.

Email marketing popular tools.


What is lead magnet?

Provide a free service to help your target audience, called lead magnet.

The following things are required to manage Lead.

e-mail marketing demo course.
download pdf.
video series.
infographic image.
course module and course information.

lead management tool

Microsoft word /Google docs
Your email marketing service

Excerpts from pdf and docs file website using Microsoft word and Google docs. That file will download the customer and provide you email. Online class and good hosting video customer can provide you with the digital file through email.

Important  note - create individual lead magnet for different content.

Email sequence is very important. Related to what you want to get a product and service send email.But they want to send an email to? Sending time? Sending day? Etc. You need to know the answer to the question.

Your sequence should be as follows.

follow you
self offer

The sequence is in email marketing.

What services and products are you giving to the customer? It has email sequence depend on and on customer information.

Email writing sequence

subject line unique
personalize mail
quality content
sending time

Follow the next step to write the subject line. 


You need this for growing your business.


User checks email on mobile device Therefore, it is not possible to read long subject line on the mobile. If the subject line of email is shortened then, the user will read easily in the mobile.


You need this for growing your business.

Using the word in the sub line is a result of personal interaction, and its effect becomes immediate. The customer is more likely to open your email.


You need this for growing your business.

In the subject line, do such words that will motivate the customer to take action.And users will have to think.


  You need this for growing your business.

Using the question sentence, the customer will immediately open the email. The question is the use of sub line which will create curiosity in the customer's mind.


You need this for growing your business.

Do not use capital word and symbol in sub-line. Some times this email becomes spam.


    You need this for growing your business.

By using much more in the image and graphics email, those mails go into the promotional mail.

After email marketing your business customer will be increase. Because email marketing is very important in business Many, people do not use email marketing in our business. When you wake up in the morning and check your email list, you will become a professional.


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