How Google spider work?

How Google spider work?

What is Google spider?

Google spider is a small search engine software. They store every website data in index web.

What is Index web?

Web pages are stored in index web and users are shown according to the result ranking after the keyword search.

how Google spider work?

When you create a website, search engine sends a program to your website. And the program is called a spider. These spiders come to your website. And collect data on your website. Spider collects tagline, headline, keyword, content, link and image on your website. This process is called fetching data means scrawling. Store the spider in a data index web.


When a person searches for Keyword,

'best gym at Mumbai'

The search engine keyword sends the result software data. There are 1000 pages related to that keyword in the data base. The search engine asks the web index a question.
According to Google they have more than 200 questions

How Google spider work?

Data analysis in search engine web page and website contain, link, head and meta tags, image, url analysis, ranking the search engine web page. And gives 10 out of the score to the website page. Those web pages that are high on the top of Google will list them. And these results are sent to the user who searches. All this process was in 2 sec.

How Google spider work?

If you want to index the website properly, then spider fetch index your important data. And your important data index will show.

How to get your website crawled properly?

Properly linking all content and page.

Spider first come home page. And scrolling will go to b and c page. But if you did not link b and c, spider not index. And page the above data will not go to the web index. Your ranking will low in search engine.

How Google spider work?

Google spider text image is not Indentify

Google spider is not very powerful they are not designed to Indentify text content. So you cannot identify the text in the image.

How Google spider work?

Manually submit your website to Google

Most of the time Google automatically crawls your website but you can manually submit your website crawling to Google.This way your website crawl faster.

keep website mobile friendly

mobile friendly test

Mobile friendly test Your website is viewed on more mobile. The traffic that comes from the mobile device is more than that of the desktop and other device. Similarly, keep the image also mobile friendly.