twitter is important ?

How did Twitter start?
'Twitter' is a social media web site. After 'Facebook' and 'Instagram', 'Twitter' is the most popular website  the world. The twitter company was started by 'Jack Dorsey'.

Jack Dorsey - 'Jack Dorsey' is working as the founder and CEO of Twitter. 'Jack dorsey 'was initially working as a freelancer .Creating software for the company.

How did 'Twitter' get started? - Twitter imagined 'Jack Dorsey' came up with a truck and car software. Jack Dorsey' is the driver and the person to monitor. They are using short sentences to talk to each other. Have you gone?, where are you going? Etc. At that time, the idea of twitter came in the mind of Jack.


The meaning of 'Twitter' is very simple and straightforward. Your opinions and thoughts are to tell people and they want to know their thoughts.
We want to tell you something about a subject. And they tell you what Twitter says.

The first twitter - 'Jack Dorsey' opened the first Twitter account. And tweeted.

twitter is important ?

 How to open your profile account on Twitter?
twitter is important ?

Photo - When you tweet a person, he sees a profile image. You keep a single profile image. Keeps your face smiling? Face should be clean and beautiful.

Usher name - Usher name can be edited. Make your own name when editing user names. Because on Twitter  we are introducing our own identity to the world.

Bio -You use keywords in 'bio'. Keywords understand your identity. Use the keywords in which you work. This helps people in your field to understand about yourself. 80 percent of the keywords should come in your field and 20 percent of the keywords should come about your personal life.

Breaking News - Twitter understands what's happening in the world today. People today are using Twitter to watch news .On twitter, we all connect to the society and the world.

twitter is important ?

What is that #?- # So a topic that many people have been adding. Express your opinions and thoughts on that topic. You can create your own personal #.  Create # for your business.
How to use Twitter for business

Twitter is used to create our own personal identity in the world. When your identity is created, you create your Businesses profiles. And right to use it for #product.

How often should Twitter be posted in one day?
A person should have posted 5 to 10 times a day on Twitter.

How to extend your Followers on Twitter? -  Follow the people in your area. And tell them to tweet and tell people to follow you. And upload blogs, images and video. Follow up to 20 to 25 people in a given day.  Increase your identity on Twitter.

What is Ad Poll?

It is used to increase your identity. Ask questions using Add Pol .and people should also give your thoughts a personalized conversation through their messages.