Search Engine information type.

Search Engine  information  type.

It is very important to invest money in SEO when you start a business. If you do not do SEO, then you will not be able to inquiry business through the website. So it should be given a lot of time to SEO in your business. SEO is a very important point in digital marketing.
Human behavior depends and search type

People use many search engines. In it Google is famous. When a person types a keyword on Google, Google provides them with the best results. If your website is coming to Google’s first page, you will come to inquiry. The better your content, the better your Google ranking is.
What are people looking for on the topic? And what are you searching for?

Location - When you start a business and you are providing a service and it is for the area people, then you should give the idea of ​​the services you are providing .What is the approximate location near your home, people are going to get the service. When SEO doing, you should note what famous place is near your company. So you can get more inquiries for business.

Search Engine  information  type.

Information- Many people visit Google to take this information because no person is buying direct product. If the customer has any work, he cannot go directly to company. He shares first information about Google. How much money will a person have to avail of a service? And what's the same future? Is there a good service? etc. If all these questions are answered in your website then the customer will take your service.

eg. If a person wants to pursue digital marketing, direct himself will not go into institute to admit .He will first search on Google what is digital marketing?, What is part of digital marketing? What is the future of digital marketing? etc Then he will go for institute and apply for digital marketing course.
Keyword-three types of keyword

  1) Head keyword    2) Middle type keyword    3) Long tail keyword 

1) Head  keyword- Head keyword are very important to rank on Google. After searching on the head keyword Google you will find many related information related to that word. Head keyword, you know who are the big competitors head keyword, you can find many keywords.

2)Long tail keyword -long tail keyword lets you rank your website with a particular keyword.

3)Middle tail keyword-this is 4 to 5 words keyword.

Social media interference - social media present is very important. The more you become active on the social media website, the more you'll get an organic reach. So you get Insta, Facebook, Tweeter etc. It needs to be constantly posting info graphic image, video, blog link. Therefore, brand awareness is created. It is very beneficial for business.

Content-content is very important in digital marketing. If your content is not good in the website, then you cannot even get business inquiries by advertising. The content should always remain on the website. Suppose If a customer has visited the website and after few months it comes back, then he must meet new information in advance.