Miss understanding of social media

Marketing needs today when you start your business.Today you need social media for marketing .Toady,we use social media  for marketing.Today we have become digital, in the 21st century.If you do well in the marketing of social media,then you will get the result.If you think of India,today India is in the first place in using the Internet. India has gone to number one position by JIO company.Initially India was not among the first 20th country.Thank you JIO. Digital marketing industry in India will grow four to five times in the future.Yet today many people are not using social media.Many people still have a misconception about social marketing. I am going to remove that misunderstanding today.
Miss understanding of social media

Consuming the Time - Many people think about the time the social media is consummating. Your thoughts are correct. But you can do social marketing for your business in 5 to 10 minutes. Many software and tools are used for this. You need to know about it. Eg.when you use 'Facebook', many people waste their time looking into this next post. More than that, you can use' Facebook' as an independent application and you will not see any other post when using it.

Young generation - The misconception that social media only uses young people is wrong. Because today, people like Link din,' whatsapp' ,' Twitter', 'Facebook' are using it. Four years ago, 'Facebook' did not know how to do it, but only young people in the age group would know, but 5 out of 6 people in the family are on' Facebook'.

Tracking -It seems that you can not track anything, but you can track advertisements on social media. When you are promoting your business on the road, how many people will see, who will love it, and who will buy your product, you do not know whether or not they want to have their products. If you advertise in the news paper, then who is not even looking at it the next day. On social media, we can deliver our product to the person who wants to sell the product to us in the society. You do not waste much money on this. Your ad reaches the right person. And your money is saved.

Conclusion - You Must Know Digital Marketing Because Old-fashioned Advertising Cannot Tell about Your Business Businesses are wasted in advertising because your ad is not reaching the right person. But through social media you can save your money by bringing organic reach to your content. You will fail once or twice but you will succeed for the third time. Write in the comment section what you think about it.