how 'Wordpress' kill 'HTML'?

'Wordpress' is an organization. In which you can create your website. Whenever you start a business, the website is very important. For this, 'Wordpress' is very important. 'Wordpress' is a very easy and easy-to-learn tool. You do not need coding for 'Wordpress'. To create a website, first you need to learn HTML, Java. But now it is not needed. Today we can create a website for your business without coding.

Whenever you search for on google, is also displayed. Many people are working in 'Wordpress'. Coding is already placed in the 'Wordpress'. You can customize the 'Wordpress' as well as theme. The website coding automatically happens when you edit it. After that you do not have to work harder. After that, you have to add new plugin to the website. There are some plugin that you have to buy. 'Wordpress' provides you the facility of the domain.You can freely and buy the domain.

How is HTML different from wordpress?

Time: In HTML, it takes 2 to 3 months for you to create a website. And we employ 2 to 3 people to work because of it. But in 'Wordpress' you can create a website in 1 week. You can create an e-commerce website in 1 month.

Security- In the HTML itself, you have developed the website itself. Therefore, the responsibility of his security is on us. The wordpress security responsibility itself takes Wordpress so the chance of wesite hacking is very low.

Blogging - If you want to start bloggin then wordpress is great. Because wordpress gives you different plugins to edit  blogging. So you can make your blog beautiful and attractive.

Traffic- The responsibility of the website in HTML is its own. You have to drive traffic to the website yourself. But lets bring some visit wordpress to the website in wordpress.

Drawback - Every tool is plus -minus point. In WordPress, you do not have to do anything you like in your HTML, which you can do in HTML. wordpress is the answer to making it a business website. e -commerc website you can make but it has some limitations. In WordPress, you add a lot of plugin to make your website a heavy. So it takes a lot of time to run. In HTML, we can run faster by coding a lesser amount of website as you want.