how 'NETFLIX' replace 'TV' in future ?

how 'NETFLIX'  replace 'TV' in future ?

We can think of what will happen in the future .And one can guess. But the changes that are happening in our life today are innovative. The radio has been replaced by TV. Then there came a computer. The phones came as a solution to the computer. These changes have happened in our lives. But TV's replace is going to take 'Netflix' in the future. Many people do not know what 'Netflix' is ​​in India. Advertisements are displayed on you tube some people believe that the program will come to TV. Let's learn what 'Netflix' is ​​today.

How did 'Netflix' start?
'Netflix' started in 1997. 'Reed Hasting' and' Mark Randolph'. Initially 'Netflix' is renting a movie DVD. And then the Internet started. And they started your video streaming platform.

What is 'Netflix'?
'Netflix' is a video streaming platform. Although there is a video streaming platform, its business model is different from you tube. 'YouTube' makes money from these advertisements.Advertised on the creator's video, 45% of that money takes You Tube'and 55% of the money is given to the creator. But 'Netflix' is a subscription based platform.

'Netflix' today has 125 million users. And there are 5 million users in the US. Today 'Netflix' is streaming video to 190 countries. 'Netflix' will not come before India, but after coming to jio in 2016 a digital revolution has emerged in India. And 'Netflix' came to India in 2016. 'Netflix' makes its own movie and web series called 'Netflix' Original. And others show movies and web series on your platform.

'Netflix' is different from other video streaming platforms and why is very famous  and why 'Netflix' is costly?
how 'NETFLIX'  replace 'TV' in future ?

how 'NETFLIX'  replace 'TV' in future ?

Video Quality - Netflix's video quality is higher than other video streaming platforms. And they do not put any advertisements in your movies and web series.

Content- content is much more content than other platforms. And they bring new content every week. So they focus more on content and quality.

Target Audiens - 'Netflix' makes Movies and Webseries in the language of the country in which eg. India's first 'Netflix' web series was the ‘Sacred Games’.

How will 'Netflix' replace TV?

'Netflix' is ​​running desktop and mobile. And it does not have ads. And when there is an advertisement while watching the TV, we can change the channel right away. And the younger generation does not like the programs that are going on in their TV. And this young generation is going to become a citizen tomorrow. Today's younger generation has given up watching TV. And today the younger generation loves to see web series, movie short films and vines. The younger generation has come today on 'Netflix' and other social media platforms. And  in ' Netflix' is ​​very famous.