Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing vs  Digital marketing

There is a difference between Traditional and social marketing. First, let's understand what is traditional marketing?

Many e-commerce companies do traditional marketing. Because all of them are not available on social media site. So, the bigger companies also use traditional marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is one way communication Eg. Banner,Template,Television ads,news paper ads, etc.

One way communication is in this marketing. And whether your product's advertising goal has reached? And who will take your product? Do you like your ad? data analysis, vision etc. Cannot set.
Now you understand how social media marketing will help you

What is social media?

Social media is online platform that follow your user to create your personal and professional profile and interact with other people on the same website.

What is social media offer you?

Expand your reach-social media to market your product or service wherever you want. You can reach out to your product by marketing where you are at the place where you want to reach your product.

Investigate performer -your advertisement. How many people have reached? Who has seen her? How many people have taken their product? , customer data etc. Meet you information.

Generate leads - If you have a new startup, then you need a customer to increase your business. It is called lead generation. marketing data analysis, who is your target customer and who will take your product etc. You can generate leads by taking all the information.

Natural  lead -The content in marketing is very important. If content is good, then you don’t need to pay marketing. You visit organic reach and your product brand becomes viral.

Support your customer - When you turn on a product and service, many related questions are in the customer's mind. And to answer that question to the customer, you have a blog, info graphic image, whatsapp message etc. uses.

Deside your strategy.

traditional marketing RIP? in future.

They are three type - 1) Vision  2)Objective  3)Target and segment.

Vision-Create mental picture image The place where you want to reach. Initially, keep a short term for vision.
Eg. I want to make such a target complete in one week. Try to achieve this vision.

 If your vision does not succeed, then you may not be successful. take  advice  senior ,or  reading  blog   etc.

Objective-vision statement followed by short term and long term vision. set specific, realistic and measurable goal.

Target and segment

traditional marketing RIP? in future.

Who is your target customer?

And accordingly classify customer data.

Classify the target data classified in the next order.

social  media  account

Marketing analysis

Who is your competitor?

Direct focus on - This competitor does not have much effect on business profit.

Indirect competitors - These competitors can beat you in business. So you can use strong strategy.

How to beat your competitors?

traditional marketing RIP? in future.

Cost advantage- Your competitor whose prize is offering a product or service. You have to give your product and service to the customer at a price less than that.

Create unique strategy - new strategy and providing different and unique service which other brands are not doing.


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