How social media change business world or Platform ?

How social media change business world or Platform ?

Tody  word are move very fast and technology are media is one of the best part of technology. Social media is very important not only your real life but also business purpose.
We are talking to now “How Social Media Change The Business Word?”
Social media is growing your organic reach.Peoples aware this sentence.But how people grow organic reach for our Business.They are more way to grow organic reach on social media.
Lets  see.

1) Image - When you share your pic, on any social media platform remember try to use high quality DSLR camera,or high quality megapixel camera.and try to click simple and informative image.not edit and not use any filter.people doesn't like fake.

2)Video - maintain your video quality high and try to give more  important information pointwise in 2-3 minute video.peoples doesn't like long video.because social media people alway scroll on mobile app.So create short and simple video.

3)Micro Blog - Microblog is very important in Social media.Because your important information write near by post.Microblogging content write  very unique,call to action,informative,etc.this content engage your customer.

4)About Section - When people like your post again and again that time people are see your account post and more important the are see your about section.In about section write your company service,need,product regarding information etc and company website link.So they visit your website. 

5)What types of content share on social media Account? - Not only share quality content on social media. Share knowledge mean informative content,Infographic Image,Company achievement,Company graph,Employe review (Make short video on this subject).

How social media use for business?

Product Information - Promote your product and service information on social media Platform.People are understand and read product information through video,blog,infographic image.

One to one interaction - Interact with your audience.and communicate them.It is the most important and plus point of social media.You understand your audience need.

Help you Audience - Your informative video and blog through you full fill your  audience need and and get help to solve small problem.

Understand Your Target Audience - One Benefit of social media is understand audience need.
Target and interact with a specific audience.

How social media change business world or Platform ?

Social media is best way to promote your business. Personally in India after Jio launch Digital marketing industry growing fastly. Before 2011 or 2012 people don’t know this field.Even now people understand digital marketing is very important for our business.
        Every small business to large company or E commerce website etc.require Digital Marketer.Recently report came "american business" investing more money in Digital Marketing other than traditional Marketing.Because Marketing is important part in business.

What is change in business  after Social Media ?

1)Easily marketing your business beyond the limit.
2)Get organic reach on your website.
3)Not more manual hard work.
4)Increases your business revenue

      They are many factor to increase your business through social media.But depend on you how you apply your strategy in business.

Social media is best way to promote your business. Personally in India after Jio launch Digital marketing industry growing fastly. Before 2011 or 2012 people don’t know this field.Even now people understand digital marketing is very important for our business.
        Every small business to large company or E commerce website etc.require Digital Marketer.Recently report came "american business" investing more money in Digital Marketing other than traditional Marketing.Because Marketing is important part in business.


Why people search direct on "Amazon app" ? Not on "Google"

Why is "amazon" searching result faster than "Google" ?

Hello friends Today digital marketing is a simple and cost-effective way to market your business. And it is not taking advantage of too many people from India. In America today, more businesses than digital are investing more money on digital marketing. People are benefiting greatly from it. And in the future it will also be of great benefit.

Different internet platforms are available for digital marketing. Use it very well. In  search engine   different platform are available(Google,Baidu,Being,Yahoo etc.).Even social media platform are available (Linkdin, Facebook, Twitter,Quora, Tumblr, etc. ) and E-commerce platform.But top platform where people are marketing our business,this platform are Google,and amazon. This two platform are very popular for online business advertise. Peoples are more reach this two platform. so business investor are invest in this two platform for advertise. last year's "Google" is top rank in  digital advertise .but after 2019 people are most visited on amazon app and search the product on amazon platform directly. Therefor people are less visited "Google" search engine. That's why now Google is 2nd position in digital marketing advertise
     Digital marketing industry rapidly  growing in India .India is largest market in world after china .Therefore many big companies are invested in India.Last year year “Walmart”company acquire   “Flipkart” company.Walmart company want to come offline market but it’s not possible that's why Walmart company acquire "Flipkart".After “amazon” company “Flipkart”is second largest e- commerce website in India.

What is “Amazon” company  plan for India in future?

E-commerce company are very popular in “India” so amazon trying to digital marketer will work there own platform means amazon website,so in future require any search  engine do SEO,SEM etc.This all service will provide own platform.

What is Different between Amazon  and Google?

Amazon - It is a e-commerce website where people are buy and sell the product.all types of product are available.”Amazon” provide good quality of product for their client.Except online business amazon provide different service for their client.People are aware “Amazon” is e-commerce business platform.

Google  - It is a search engine platform where people are search anything.Except “Google” provide many service.But people are aware “Google” is search engine platform.

Do you know Google 70% to 80% revenue come from search engine advertise.Let us see how they do?

Why is "amazon" searching result faster than "Google" ?

Let see example.

How “Google  take money from “Amazon” ?

1)When any user search on google ( or that time search ranking according display different type of link.

2)In above picture first two link are generated
 Suppose any user click on first link then “Amazon” pay money to “Google”
And when any user click on on second link that time amazon not pay money to Google.

3)This process are do in google advertise. That way Google generate high revenue from other users and all types of business.

But since 2018 and future user are directly search on amazon app. And day by day amazon and other e-commerce users are increasing rapidly.This user directly search in e-commerce application.Therefor google revenue decreases in this year.And now  “Amazon” revenue growing faster  than”Google”.

Conclusion -Digital marketing is growing rapidly. Today people are not looking to buy any product on Google. They download the app from any e-commerce website and they wait for notifications. (Sales, coupons, offers, etc.). Therefore, the e-commerce platform is growing rapidly.



Why many time people avoid Social Media?

Why many time people avoid Social Media?

Many times people avoid social media use. Let's look at it.

Human Nature - Human being is a social animal. The man who worked for 21 days was a habit to do the work. But doing the same thing again, you get tired. And for a few days you enjoy the holiday.

People are social media. In those times people social media avoid for some days. That means uninstall.

Social  media  advertise

Suppose you are watching a movie, and you are angry when someone has disturbed you while watching a movie. Similarly, when you are active on social media advertise pop-up, sometimes you are out of the app.

Personal problem There are many problems in your life. personal, professional family etc. From such a problem you try to stay away. You have got used to sharing image on social media. But your personal problem lets you avoid social media. I have not shared any post in my personal problem for a year.

Maturity group – In young generation  is a group that does not use social media. Or use less quantities. Because such children do not like to share their social life. They are very sensitive about your personal life. So they ignore social media

Protective People - Many people do not show their personal information. data leak, for this reason many people avoid social media.

less communication Continuous chat on social media reduces one to one communication.

Social Media language - The sign is used when chatting with someone on this social media. #, @ These symbols are used. These symbols are used when you communicate in real life also.

Mind Stress - the ability to think less. Because it does not sleep at night. Water comes from the eye. Does not sleep. neck problem, increase body fat.

Neglect and concentration on the job is reduced. And there is more stress on the mind.

How to use social media best way?

 If you use social media properly, you will benefit very well in life.

1)  Connect to world - Using social media, you understand what developments are taking place in the world. And you stay connected to the world.

2)  Many things go hand in hand in everyday life. And the obstacles in your work are resolved with the help of social media.

Through business - social media you can perfectly market your business. social media is the main source of organic reach. Social media play important roll in SEO.

Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

What is Quora?

Quora is the answer search engine wbsite. Quora website Provides information in a different field easily.

Quora meaning is a question and answer.

how Quora is different from Google.

When you search Quora on Google, you will have to use Quora search engine.

How Quora function work ?

Quora is mainly asked a question. And the answer of that question is written by each person in his personal leverage. Reader up vote the question. According to up vote, the question answers rank. You can ask yourself a question and suggest others to answer it.

If you want to talk differently, Google is a big sea. And Quora is the whale fish in it.without water whale fish will die.

How Quora easy to use then Google ?

Quora is a question - answer website, so when you do a question search on Google, you will go to the rank wise website, click on one of the websites and read the articles in it. But in Quora you can get answer in one click after searching the question. without pop up and advertise are ranked in Google's keyword wise article. So keyword wise Google will show you the search result. The question answer in Quora is ranked according to Up vote.

Quora website's pain point lets you easily find information on any topic. one click, no pop-up advertise, smoothly use, this is a strong point of Quora. Quora's advertise is written in these words. It does not contain image, video included. So people do not have much trouble advertise. The Quora website does not seem to be flustered  while doing that.

How college student  use Quora ?

If kids have seen the question  or a topic, then search on Google and display the keyword rank wise search result. The search results are made by Rank website user can find answers by clicking here.

But finding the information and question answer in Quora website results in a click. Rank number is determined by the Up vote of the question.

Why Quora use?

1) Analytic your result - How many people have your answer reach? They understand you. The result can be done by daily analysis.

2)Hidden Talent - No group can be created in Quora. As a result, you answer yes. It's a talent show for writing a man's content. The answer to a question is given by the whole point of view. Follow the person who answers the person who loves people. Increasing followers increases the person's enthusiasm. And it provides quality content. This makes the general person very popular. Quora has come to public many hidden talents.

3)Not time pass - Quora platform people can not be time pass If any person responds incorrectly, the other person will answer wrong in the answer and get the right answer. Therefore, the answer must be serious when writing the answer. If the question does not match the answer then Quora indicates it and down vote that answer.

4)Quora Algorithm - after you answer, the up vote has ranked the answer. The more content you provide, the more you benefit.
generate  traffic  on  website

Quora through, you can generate traffic well.

Step by step  follow -

Step 1 - After opening the account, first 10-15 questions you write complete in Quora.

Step 2 - After the increase of your followers and the users' trust comes to you. They understand that you are writing good content. They will read your article.

Step 3 - After the followers are trusted, then you write a half-answer in Quora and read half of the answer further (blog link). This way, users will visit your website. In this way you can generate traffic by Quora.

Product and benefits - Many questions people ask about your company's product and service. You can write information about your product or service by making Quora Account.

Personally communicate with people - You were personally connected with the people. One to one is the interaction. Questions can be suggested to people interested in your field.

Quora Alexa rank.

Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

Quora similar web Rank

Do you think Quora is much better than Google?

Quora has made a big profit in business. The e-business website has generated a large number of traffic.
Quora is going to give you results on how you use the website.

Traditional Marketing is work for small business?

Traditional Marketing is work for small business?

Traditional marketing industry is an old method. Even though the old methods do not work for the people, they believe in it.

In the digital marketing industry in India, it has come a few years ago. Many people still do not know what is digital marketing?

How can social media be used to grow your business? This is not to know people. Many people were hard to believe in digital marketing.

Public relation - Public relation is very important to make business growth. virtual communication has a lot of work to win over you. And it takes a very long time. They have some process. If you are practically communicating with people in practically communication He tells benefit of his product and service. Provide information of the product. The front guy trusts you. He does not take much time.

Stress - In this industry, mental stress is low. The travelling is high. holding boards, template etc. They are manually submitted when ready.

How to joined traditional marketing with Digital marketing?

How do many people apply traditional marketing and digital marketing to their business?

Step 1 - Register your domain name first at any business startup. Then create the website. If you are not prepared to do so, then by freelancer, make a website.

Step 2 - Add content after the website is ready. Your service, product discription contact information etc. Add to it.

 Step 3 - Promote business on social media. First create your Facebook business page.

Step 4 - After creating a business page on feacebook, write a blog post, small video image etc. Share on Facebook Business page.

digital marketing factor - This industry is growing very fast in India. Today many new startups are coming up. They are going to be easy to market at low cost and easy way. Marketing is required if you want to start a business. And traditional marketing is very costly.

Why don't people understand this ?

Why don't people understand this ?

Hello friend is an article on a different topic today. Social media has changed life. But it is wrong to present yourself to every social media website.
Take the example of Facebook and Linkdin Both are social media websites.
Facebook mainly shares picture, video, blog. New friend, business paid is advertised. Facebook's users base is used by all types of people in the age group of 15 to 60 years. And all the moments in their life are shared on Facebook. In India, an average person uses Facebook for 15-20 minutes.
Linkedin is a social networking site. But this website is different from Facebook. On Facebook you can place your profile and cover photo in any style. But in Linkdin you have to put in a casual photo profile.
Fcebook lets you communicate with the people of any field. You can send them a friend request but in Linkdin, people in your field can communicate. He is called to grow connection. Linkedin helps you to grow in your professional life.

Posting is done on Linkedin as follows.
Educational  video,image,blog.

What would happen if you shared on post Linkdin like Facebook?

They will have a bad impression on peoples
Your connection will not grow.
The profile view will not get much.
People ignore you 

Why don't people understand this ?

Why Snapchat can defeat Facebook in the future?

Why Snapchat can defeat Facebook in the future?

Friends,' Mark Zuckerberg'who is known as the King of Social Media, is a founder of' Facebook'. 'Facebook' is the Social Website, people use it all from young people.' Facebook' kids can be tracked to you today. And 'Facebook' knows what a customer is right for your product. That's why your advertising reaches the right person. That's why Facebook needs time. In today's digital marketing, 'Goggle' and 'Facebook' are the two leading social media websites.

You'll realize today that 10/9 people use this 'Facebook'. The new generation, who are young to college, does not use 'Facebook' because their mother and father are used by 'Facebook' .Your parents should not pay attention to us because that is where your son is, and after seeing his photo, Young people going to college do not use 'Facebook'. So, today's young generation will become our customers in the future. So their social media platform might be changed. And you have to advertise on their platform .Therefore, we have to change over time.

Friend 'Snapchat' is new and people of these generation use this 'Snapchat' application.. The 'Instagram 'is also used by everyone today. Today many mothers and fathers are on 'Instagram'. I am telling you the story of five to six years, not two and three years.

Today 's young generation' s mother and father are also learning that they are connected to social media .If this question is taken by 'Snapchat', then this application is not very famous in India. Kids love privacy. The 'Snapchat' is not known to the person 30 to 50 years old. So the younger generation is using this Snapchat, so that 'Snapchat' will be very popular in the coming days. But nothing can be said because a new platform can be created in the future. And it's great if 'Facebook' came up with some new platforms.

Plenty of platforms will be built in the future and will come to an end. You should keep changing over time, otherwise if you do not make any changes over time, then we will stay behind and your competitors will go ahead.

Conclusion - You should always be alert when doing business and marketing in digital marketing .It is good to emphasize one thing but to learn other things. And we must always analysis what is going on in the world and what's new.